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In 1961 Don and Audrey Carol opened this small, warm and inviting spot. It had a total of 6 bar stools at that time.

As the story goes because money was so tight they were opening up on a shoestring budget thus the name Shoestring Saloon was born.


However, Fremont began to grow; new homes began to pop up everywhere, Pacific Commons was created, the old NUMI plant became Tesla's home, Warm Springs got a BART station, tons of new apartments and condos began erecting all over the city. To keep up with all the change, Shoestring Saloon changed with it and the name was dropped, keeping only Kirby's as the namesake.

Among these changes locally and internally, the message we wanted to convey remained the same: to be a place that both locals and newcomers could come together to hangout, celebrate, and relax. With all of the new homes and jobs pouring in, new faces came with them, and we wanted to make sure our environment felt like home to everyone, old and new.

Now - in 2022 - Kirby's returns to its roots. Located just two minutes from Tesla, Kirby's proudly stands as one of the oldest dive bars in the ever-expanding city of Fremont. Kirby's has stood the test of time along with all the hardships that come with it, and has sturdily provided its services to its local community through it all. 

We pride ourselves on continuing this message while providing a safe and clean environment for all patrons 21 years & older.


Welcome to The Shoestring Saloon!

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